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Commonwealth Pain & Spine physicians Jason Lewis, MD, and Stephen Kyle Young, MD, collaborate with experts at Bodyworks, lead by Dr. Mark Conliffe, at the Louisville, Kentucky, regenerative medicine practice to provide you with the most cutting-edge regenerative medicine therapies available. Regenerative medicine stimulates your own body's ability to heal from the inside out, providing effective pain relief and increased mobility when you suffer from degenerative diseases or an injury. Learn more about regenerative medicine and the benefits it can have by contacting our Louisville office today.


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What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine uses your body's own healing ability to address a variety of injuries and disease that limit mobility and cause chronic pain.

The experts at Bodyworks, led by the double board-certified physicians at Commonwealth Pain & Spine, offer several regenerative treatments, including:

  • Alpha 2 Macroglobulin (A2M) injections
  • Human amniotic therapy
  • PRP
  • Stem Cell Therapy

Each treatment is customized to fit your specific needs, providing long-term relief from pain and mobility limits. Treatment can also reduce your dependence on pain medications and effectively address your issues when other therapies can't.



Regenerative medicine can be an effective treatment to relieve pain associated with injuries and degenerative diseases. Your physician can suggest regenerative therapies for:




Soft Tissue



Our team of physicians from Commonwealth Pain and Spine & Bodyworks can determine if your existing condition would benefit from regenerative medicine therapies after a thorough physical exam and a review of your overall medical history.


A2M Injections

A2M is a molecule found naturally in your blood. It's produced by your liver to remove enzymes related to tissue degeneration in the spinal discs and joints.

By injecting a high concentration of the molecule into damaged areas of the body, A2M can assist in removing destructive enzymes that lead to tissue degeneration.


Human Amniotic Therapy

Human amniotic therapy uses pure amniotic fluid from healthy donors that are thoroughly prescreened for safety and acquired during full-term, live cesarean section births.

Amniotic fluid offers a variety of regenerative benefits, helping your body to repair itself by stimulating your cells to work more efficiently.

Our team of expert physicians also uses human amniotic membranes for surgical applications and treating open wounds. Treatment speeds up the healing process, regenerating healthy skin cells to ensure more efficient healing. You could benefit from donor membranes to optimize the healing of slow-healing wounds or to treat diabetic ulcers.



Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP), also commonly known as blood injection therapy, is a medical treatment being used for a wide range of musculoskeletal problems, including knee osteoarthritis. This treatment enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself and is used to improve healing and shorten recovery time from acute and chronic conditions or pain.


Stem Cell Therapy

Our team of physicians extrarct regenerative stem cells from your bone marrow. These cells offer many healing benefits, stimulating the regeneration of new, healthy cells to replace those damaged by injury or disease.

Stem cell treatment is designed to target damaged areas within the joints to help with the creation of new cartilage cells. Stem cells collected from the bone marrow of your pelvic bone have the ability to differentiate into cartilage cells. The goal of each stem cell treatment is to inject the stem cells into the joint to accelerate healing and the potential regeneration of new cartilage.

Stem cells are also beneficial in cosmetic applications because of the anti-aging benefits these cells offer your skin.

To learn more about innovative regenerative medicine therapies and how they can address your health issues, call us today.


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