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Viscosupplementation for Knee Pain

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Viscosupplementation for Knee Pain

About Viscosupplementation for Knee Pain

Knees affected by osteoarthritis are stiff and painful due to joint damage and poor lubrication. Commonwealth Pain and Spine uses viscosupplementation for knee pain at offices across Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. The team injects lubricating hyaluronic acid into the affected joints, reducing friction and pain. Call your nearest office today or schedule a consultation online for further details on viscosupplementation’s benefits for knee pain.

Viscosupplementation for Knee Pain Q&A

What is viscosupplementation?

Viscosupplementation uses hyaluronic acid injections to ease painful joints. Hyaluronic acid is a natural fluid in joints and tissues throughout your body. Injecting it into the joint improves lubrication, reducing inflammation and stiffness.

The Commonwealth Pain and Spine team performs viscosupplementation using fluoroscopic imaging. This moving X-ray technology lets your doctor place the hyaluronic acid in the precise spot in the joint without damaging nearby nerves and tissue.

Why might I need viscosupplementation for knee pain?

Knee pain is a common problem, often caused by ligament injuries and overuse. But the leading cause of chronic (long-term) knee pain is osteoarthritis.

This condition develops over the years as joint use wears away the articular cartilage — a smooth, slippery substance protecting the ends of your bones. As the cartilage wears away, it exposes the bones, allowing them to rub against each other. Inflammation builds up, causing pain and swelling. The joint becomes increasingly weak, stiff, and painful.

Osteoarthritis affects every joint but is especially common in the knees. There’s no cure, but Commonwealth Pain and Spine offers several noninvasive treatments that ease pain and improve function. Physical therapy, medication, and joint injections containing steroids (powerful anti-inflammatory drugs) can all help.

If these treatments don’t ease your symptoms, your doctor might recommend viscosupplementation for knee pain. The hyaluronic acid coats the exposed knee bones, allowing them to slide over one another. This reduces inflammation, pain, and stiffness.

What happens when I have viscosupplementation for knee pain?

Viscosupplementation for knee pain is an outpatient procedure, so you return home after treatment. If there’s any joint swelling, your doctor aspirates (removes) the excess fluid before injecting the hyaluronic acid.

You might experience pain, slight swelling, and warmth immediately after viscosupplementation. These symptoms usually pass within a few hours, but you can apply an ice pack to ease them. Avoid activities like jogging and heavy lifting for two days after viscosupplementation to prevent excessive knee strain.

It could take several weeks for you to notice viscosupplementation’s effects. Some patients enjoy several months of pain reduction following the injections. If you achieve good results, you can have further viscosupplementation treatments for knee pain after six months.

Call Commonwealth Pain and Spine today or book an appointment online to benefit from viscosupplementation for knee pain.